Are You Getting Enlightened Or Losing Your Mind?
A Psychiatrist's Guide for Mastering Paranormal and Spiritual Experience

I took this photo with a rather poor cell phone camera, Christmas Eve, a few years ago. Angel and Pepe Romero, classical guitarists, brothers and world-renowned Lifetime Grammy Winners,  were playing Los Requerdos de La Alhambra, a difficult piece. Angel, sitting, used his left hand. Pepe, leaning over, plucked the strings with his right hand. Two men played one guitar at the same time. The photo shows a very bright light connecting the two. I could have tried to improve the quality, but the task was almost impossible. I actually photographed the small image on  my Razor phone with my Canon Rebel.

The musical feat was an amazing feat, but the miraculous photo is also amazing.  Two men playing one guitar.  Pepe, standing on the left, has one leg showing.  Angel was sitting, facing me, and both legs should have been visible. But Angel's left leg simply does not appear in the photo.  What we see is two men, two hands playing, with two legs visible.  How a miraculous photo happens (technically) leaves a lot of room for theorizing.  In my entire life I've taken 7 miraculous photos.  Looking at the lower photo, the enlargement, you can see where the individual lights emerge from each of their necks.  Soon those lights merge.  To me, the bright white and golden sphere look very much like the top of the Map of Consciousness on the previous page.  In fact, these two giants of classical guitar, are playing as one being.  I believe their consciousness have truly merged into one soul, one brilliant light.

I had a darkroom in 5th grade, was a professional photographer for a while, and am very tuned in to the technology of a camera. I recognize something that has happened beyond the normal rules of time, space, and normal reality.  One does not ignore “normal” explanations for unusual phenomena, but I quickly knew that there was no “scientific” explanation.

First, we must be open to paranormal and spiritual experience, whether it's a strange photograph, the visitation of a departed relative, or a mystical experience.  Then we can take our time to analyze and understand.